Arts Fest at UNC Asheville

Arts Fest 2018 was April 5-7.

This year, Arts Fest explored intersections through the arts.

Intersections can be seen as dividing or crossing two or more things, or bringing them together in a common location. The meanings we make with these intersections, as in life, are a matter of perspective and interpretation. Thank you for joining us for this exploration through the arts, and participate in Arts Fest 2018! Our full schedule of events from 2018 is still available online.

Arts Fest is made possible by the contributions for time, talent and finances from the following departments and programs of UNC Asheville:
Art and Art History, Arts & Ideas, Dining Services, Dance, Education, English, International/Interdisciplinary Studies, Events and Conferences, Facilities Management, Marketing, Mass Communication, Music, New Media, Ramsey Library Staff, and Student Activities and Organizations.

We are grateful for the generous donations of funding from the following campus sponsors: Arts & Ideas, Dean’s Fund, National Endowment for the Humanities Fund, New Media Department, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, and the Student Environmental Center.

We also want to acknowledge the support we received for Betsy Damon’s workshop from the City of Asheville, and partnership from RiverLink.